Modest Modern Picks+Pics: Georgia O'Keeffe style

I just saw the Georgia O’Keeffe Living Modern exhibit and I fell in love with black and white all over again. She designed uniforms for herself, mainly in black and white, and mostly Japanese inspired. Even though O’Keeffe was born 129 years ago, she had a modern sensibility and aesthetic that still feels relevant today. I think you’ll see from my Modest Modern picks/pics this week that I’ve got Georgia on my mind. Happy Friday – have an inspired weekend!

1 Have you ever heard of the Japanese Mingei craft movement? Me either and now I’m kicking myself for missing out for so long on something I now adore so much. Mingei was the celebration of everyday objects made by unknown craftspeople in 1920s Japan. And The Apartment now has an installation of all things Mingei mixed with mid-century modern. Gulp.

Apartment DK japan.JPG

2 Ok and another Mingei image curated by Terry Ellis for The Apartment because I’m clearly in love and can’t see straight anymore.

Apartment DK japan 2.jpg

3 This Japanese inspired minimal art is perfect at the end of a hallway. It’s not quite Stop, it’s not quite Go – it’s Stay and look at me for a while.

japanese art etc for short.JPG

4 If you’re a woodblock print fan like me, you have to know about Block Shop. They do textiles and prints – and you can combine them like this pic for even more eye candy.

design milk block pillows and prints.JPG

5 Not Japanese and not black and white, but somehow I think New Mexico Georgia (not New York Georgia) would like this living room with its collections, natural  elements and minimalism. #georgiaokeeffeapproved

georgia inspired room.JPG