Modest Modern Picks+Pics: Fall Looks

Happy Monday! Since I’ve started seriously trying to be a designer (it’s still embarrassing for me to say out loud), a lot of you have asked me for ideas and tips. So I’ve had a little brainstorm over the weekend and am going to start sharing my favorite inspiring interiors with you on a more regular basis here. I’m calling it Modest Modern Picks+Pics – you like? Well, the weather finally feels like Fall here in Raleigh and that means I’m starting to nest even more than I usually do. And my eyes are feasting on the moodier colors and heavier textures – navy, rust, velvets. So sit back, have a scroll and get your picks+pics fix for the week.

1 This chair has my name written all over it. That leather with the deep sea armoire is a combination to repeat again and again.

lonny mag chair blue.JPG

2 One of my favorite designers is Sally Breer – you’ll see why if you check out her Etcforshort portfolio. This living room is at her Mom’s house. Genetics people.

sally breer.JPG

3 I have dreams of owning that rug on the back wall designed by Patricia Urquiola. It’s the best rug EVER designed in my opinion. I mean what rug have you ever met that could hang on a wall like ART?!

patricia urquiola rug.png

4 I get lost in your eyes marine blue console! Bludot is one of my go-to companies for minimal, quality, affordable pieces and they’re having their annual sale right now so get over there soon.


5 Rose, blush whatever you want to call it is so hot right now – and pair it with rust or navy and you’ve got me blushing all over. These velvet ottomans really soften up a minimal space.

sabaitalia ottomans.JPG

6 When I step out of the minimal realm it’s only for something as great as this teddy bear chair by designer Pierre Yovanovitch – after all, I am still a kid at heart!

teddy bear chairs.JPG