Modest Modern Picks+Pics: Tropical Modernism

This week, two real-life people told me they actually READ my blogs – and in this day and age of the lazy #TLDR, I’ll take that as a success! So I’m back at it. I’ve been pretty quiet on social media this month because I’ve been distracted by the real world and the creative projects I’ve got in the works. One of those is the interior design for a new yoga studio here in Raleigh. We’ve settled on a style called ‘Tropical Modernism’. Think pastel colors like mint/pistachio or blush/rose + wicker and rattan accents + powder coated bent metal furniture + plants, preferably succulents, everywhere. The lines are still clean and minimal, the materials natural and organic, a feeling of the outdoors brought inside.  Check out the Tropical Modern look with my Modest Modern picks/pics this week. Happy Friday – and for my two readers (aka my two new BFFs), have an inspired weekend!

1  This is Cassina’s office headquarters in Italy – those mint Le Corbusier LC2 chairs and the slatted wood table, plus the green wall. Cassina creative director Patricia Urquiola nailed the tropical modern look. What can’t that woman do?!


2  Eric Trine is on my hot list right now. His powder-coated bent metal furniture is so fresh and so clean clean and he knows just what colors are going to be trending – or more likely, he’s the trendsetter and we’re all just falling into his trap. A sage and pink and mint trap from which I never want to escape.

eric trine.JPG

3  Sarah Sherman Samuel designed lifestyle blogger DesignLoveFest’s space in LA and it’s perfect. Tropical Modernism is so very California – effortlessly laid back, relaxing but chic. You can almost feel the sand grains on the floor in this pic but you don’t care about dirt because you just came home from surfing even though it’s 11am on a Monday and you don’t have to work because money is so passe. You know, THAT look.

sarah sherman.JPG

4  I’ve fallen for Bend Goods for two reasons – their furniture and their marketing. You have to check out their website and hyper speed videos – they’ll have you hyper ventilating for more.


5  This Eden Locke Hotel and Hyde & Son coffee shop designed by American firm Grzywinski + Pons has been the inspiration for our yoga studio design. And surprisingly, this tropical modern oasis is in rainy Edinburgh. My son and I visited it this summer and it’s even better in person. The Scots can finally feel like they’re in Sri Lanka 24/7 – but with their haggis in tact.

eden locke.JPG