The beginning of modest modern

My first blog post – yay and yikes! I’ll ease myself into this whole thing by starting with something easy, like what modest modern means. To me, it’s a style and concept that means unique and accessible; bespoke and affordable; streamlined and liveable. Lovely design should be for everyone, not just for the rich. And that includes houses, everyday products, art, technology, you name it. My hope with this blog is to show others how modern homes and the stuff inside it can be affordable and how constraints can actually stimulate more creative design and more thoughtful decisions.

I have 2 kids under the age of 8 and we live in a modern house. Both my partner and I work because we need to financially. We chose to build a modern house (on a tight budget) and to fill it with beautiful (but non-precious) objects, because we like the way modern looks. I like simplicity, no clutter, no kitsch. And I also like not breaking the bank. I want to have money left over to travel, explore and eat out once in a while. Because it’s not just about the house and the stuff inside – it’s about what living a modest modern life means too. And that’s what I’m hoping to share with this blog. So cheers to my first post – it’s hard to make time for this, but I like it and it feels good, c’est la vie!